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Chris Sparks Business

Leading with Relationships

Chris is the Founder & Editor of the Network encompassing hundreds of business, luxury & local publications with beautiful coverage of the best brands in every major industry & city. All publications look incredible on mobile, tablet, laptop or large screen TV’s.

Industry Publications
HomeMVP, FurnitureMVP, FashionMVP, TravelMVP, AutomotiveMVP, AerospaceMVP, ArchitectureMVP, MedicalMVP, HRMVP, CareerMVP, TechnologyMVP, MusicMVP, FilmMVP and hundreds more.

Local Publications
AtlantaMVP, AustinMVP, BostonMVP, CharlotteMVP, ChicagoMVP, DallasMVP, DenverMVP, DetroitMVP, HoustonMVP, LosAngelesMVP, MiamiMVP, NewYorkCityMVP, OrlandoMVP, SanDiegoMVP, SanFranciscoMVP, SeattleMVP, TampaMVP and hundreds more.

“I like to stay rooted in old school business ideals while finding common sense ways to utilize the latest technology. It’s the same idea as taking what your parents taught you & making it your own.”

We’re constantly looking into the future for better ways to provide incredible coverage of the best brands. So, we’re testing new software, devices, designs, social media and formats before any of our competitors in order to launch them when the technology is stable & the consumer is ready.

Consumer Preferences
It is also important for us to cater to consumer preferences. For instance, our goal is for our publications to look incredible on any size screen or device. While it’s important for us to be mobile for many consumer situations, we know that design professionals, creators, business executives & other high-end consumers still prefer large screens when making important decisions. So, we love high quality photography & HD film that can also translate to mobile.

“Anything done well is an art. So no matter where I am, I seek out the artisans, the ones with passion & an eternal love for what they do.”

Passion Focused
Our goal is to cover the absolute best in every industry & city. We’re not concerned with the size of each company. We want to see passion for quality, design, marketing & service. We’re just as likely to cover a small team of artisans as we are the largest company in the industry.

“My goal is to be the least talented person in the room. If I’m the most talented, it’s time to move to a different room! So, I hire all legendary musicians & engineers when I record in Nashville just the way I surround myself with the best executives in business.”

Leading with Relationships
Incredible companies are built by amazing people from the front line to the boardroom. Our first priority is to build relationships with each company we cover. We lead with passion, not money. With that philosophy, we are fortunate to build relationships with the absolute best in every industry & city we cover.

Chris Sparks Business